Mogul Design: MyStudio

Mogul Design: MyStudio

Envision this: It’s 1969. You’re one of Hollywood’s most elite top moguls attending an editorial photoshoot for a high end fashion magazine. You look around the photographer’s studio. Champagne, marble and gold surround you along with swanky interior details fit for a star. All that is missing is the music, a dance floor and a handful of partygoers.

Dodd Mitchell turned this vision into a reality when he designed MyStudio, a unique nightclub and bar located in Los Angeles, CA. Taking inspiration from upmarket photo studios of the late 60’s, he created the perfect atmosphere for a unique party spot set in the Golden Era of nightlife.

MOGUL Designs complimented his vision with custom gold tiled booths, honeycomb cylinder lighting and laced up leather string walls.

The end result was a sophisticated, sleek and charming set up that allowed guests to party like it was 1969.

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