Cocktail: The 007 Vesper “Mogul” Martini

Cocktail: The 007 Vesper “Mogul” Martini

When we entertain guests for Happy Hour, we like to go over the top.  We start with a signature cocktail paired with an amuse-bouche and a stunning presentation … more is more at Mogul Design.  This week’s signature cocktail scape is inspired by the one, the only, James Bond.

When we think of James Bond, we think sexy, classy and masculine. Which is what we portrayed in the presentation. The signature cocktail, The 007 Lillet Martini, was his go-to beverage…always shaken, never stirred.  We accessorized it with the classics: his weapon of choice, a Tom Ford bow-tie & Rolex, crystal glassware, and tuxedo black napkins.


007 Vesper “Mogul” Martini


  • 3 measures Gin
  • 1 measure Vodka
  • 1/2 measure Lillet
  • Olive garish
  • Shaken, not stirred



  • Chocolate covered almonds


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